Recovery is Possible

Your Daughter Deserves Recovery

The girl in the photo to the right may look somewhat like your daughter, or sister, or friend.  She  may have "pulled this stunt" many times.  You may be fed up.  But the cold, hard truth is that when the casket closes there is no way to get her back.  This is why you must believe and know that recovery is possible. 

Yes, the set backs are hard.  The costs of a lifestyle change often takes the savings or the retirement dreams, but the chance to see you loved one healthy and whole is worth any or all of the costs. 

Bethesda Recovery offers a program to help change the course of life for those who have a desire to become responsible and productive. 

Call Today!  912-283-8580  Monday- Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


How to Apply

Step One


Call our office to set up appointment or a telephone interview with our placement coordinator.


Step Two


Read through the informed consent which can be downloaded.

Step Three


Detox may be required for your entry into Bethesda.  If you or your loved ones are  taking opiates, xanax, alcohol or various other drugs, a medical detox is required.  

All drugs must be cleared from your system at intake.

Prepare your Heart


It is good to begin to get yourself emotionally ready for residential treatment.  Take a few minutes to pray or mediate.  Prepare your heart for your new life.  Decide to be open to new ideas.

What to Bring


Walking shoes, casual clothes, stationary for letters, stamps, shampoo, hair products, personal hygiene products (all alcohol free).  Make up is allowed.  Summer clothes for summer and winter; a few winter clothes for the winter.  

Ladies like to dress up some for church or other activities, but for the most part it is very casual. 

Bring pajamas not gowns to maintain privacy.

Incarcerated Applicants


Bethesda Recovery is approved to take clients from jail, drug court, and from prison.  All clients must be approved before intake. 

Family members or counselors assisting those women who are incarcerated may call our office for information.

We will fax or email the consent forms and application forms necessary for the pre-approval process. 



Monthly Cost

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Residential fees are set at $600 a month. This cost covers linens, towels, two meals a day, transportation to appointments for doctors, Department of Family and Children Services and various activities.

Residents may receive food stamps if they are eligible to purchase personal items.

All payments are considered non-refundable.

Download Application

These files will help you decide if Bethesda Recovery is the place for you or your loved one.

2018 Application_Screening (docx)


2018 Informed Consent (docx)


Handbook 2018 Final (docx)


Organizational Affiliations

Sonshine Network Ministries


Sonshine Network Ministries is our affiliation for pastoral credentials.  They are a part of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, a major denomination which serves the world.



The International Pentecostal Holiness Church is a place of hope for a people of promise



The Georgia Department of Community Supervision  and the Transitional Housing and Reentry program recognize Bethesda Recovery as a standard residential recovery program for women.



Georgia Association of Recovery Residences  recognizes Bethesda Recovery as level 3 recovery residence.



Bethesda Coaches Association is an affiliate of Bethesda Recovery.  This arm of the organization trains leaders to coach people to a better life 

Bethesda Gift Shop


Bethesda Gift Shop is an affiliate of Bethesda Recovery and serves as a creative arm of the ministry.  Donations provided by members of the community are recirculated at a low cost assisting the ministry with financial needs. 

More Affiliations