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Before You Choose a Residential Program


Learn What Recovery May Look Like

Recovery can look very differently to people. It can look like a be a life of drug screens, and hose checks.  It can look like a dead end job or a career.  It can look like a a family restored.  Bethesda recovery suggests having a picture of what you want our recovery to look  like.  We will then help  you find the steps to get to that picture.  It is important for you to discover what you want.  Some people want only to get the "law" off their backs, or to get off "paper."  What do you want?

Can the residential program you are looking at give you results?

If you are simply looking for a job, find a program that will put you to work right away.  If you are looking for life skills to stay sober then look for a program that have a strong behavioral change program.  If you are looking for a lifestyle change that will offer tools to become a person of integrity and stability, choose a long term program that teaches responsibility and understands the growth stages of those who have been robbed of their emotional maturity through addiction.


Recovery is a life long process of emotional growth and maturity. It does not happen in a vacuum but in system of supports.  People recover in many different ways.  Substance abuse is a disease of the brain and a disease of the emotions. It changes the brain chemistry of a person causes a gulf in what they believe is normal and what is reality.  This brain disease must be cared for with structure, mind change and a belief system change.  Bethesda Recovery works on the premise of changing the brain by changing thoughts and actions at the same time. 

How Long Does Recovery Take

Recovery is not a time specific treatment. Although many studies have shown that those who stay sober for two years are less likely to ever use again than those who who are in early recovery.  Early recovery can last up to two years.  Relapse or what we call set backs are not the end of recovery. Sometimes a setback can be the beginning of a person's recovery.  No matter how a person recovers, support systems have been proved to add quality of life.  

Personal Recovery Desires VS What Others Want for You

Persons in recovery will have to decide what their own recovery will look like and become willing to take responsibility for their recovery.  

Those who have crossed the line into criminal behaviors to perpetuate their addiction will find that law enforcement, families and friends may want more out of your recovery than you do.  

It is very important to come to terms with these two desires.  

Society does not have to accept addiction as a norm.  Many people who have not decided to enter recovery have decided that using drugs is their norm.  They must face the societal consequences for this decision.  They may end up homeless, in prison or perhaps even dead.  Many times a person will believe there is no way out from this abnormal way of living and sink into despair.  But at Bethesda Recovery we believe anybody can recover.  So what if it takes eleven times in residential treatment of if you have enough white chips to build a bungalow, people in deeper addiction have crossed the line into recovery and have remained. 

If you don't have a desire to stay sober for life, then stay sober for one day, one week, one month...

We have found the longer you stay away from mood or mind altering drugs or alcohol, the more likely you are to want sobriety. 



  • Early Recovery statistics are pretty much standard.  What works is long term support in structured environments whether it is drug court, daily reporting centers or residential..l program.  We recommend one year or residential


Cathy Sweat, CADCII, CARES. BCPC, CLC talks about the disease of addictioin

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Innovative Program for Women Searching for Jesus to help them with lifelong recovery

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Recovery Church for socialization, a place for belonging

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