It isn't all about money


Bethesda Recovery has a passion for training folks to work in a safe environment. Building the gift and thrift store is a fulfillment of this passion.  The needs for this part of the ministry include all types of  types of donations. From clothing, shoes, housewares, furniture, to toys the gift shop repairs and displays items in a way that invites customers to shop and to give.  

The shop offers clients of Bethesda Recovery opportunities to volunteer, get community service hours and to work in a  drug free, safe environment with managers who are aware of the training needs in their lives. 

Homemade Items


B Sweet Boutique gives women an opportunity to create and sell handmade items from bakery delicacies to wooden signs.

This creative outlet builds self  confidence to try different avenues to produce income.

Needs for this include baking supplies, from pans, to cake plates, to display boxes, to flour, sugar, ribbon, wood, saws, cloth, and you name it.

B Sweet Boutique needs customers to invest in the handmade items.

Call 912-283-8580 for information.

Training Opportunities


The Bethesda Coaches Association was formed for two important reasons. 

  1. To train recovery life coaches  through biblical principles 
  2. To support the women and men in recovery who are unable to support their early recovery

Bethesda Coaches Association has certified over thirty coaches in the last year and looks forward to moving into Florida in the near future to train recovery coaches.  For more information contact us at

Every Day Needs


Paper Products

Bathroom tissue, kleenex, paper towels are essential in a ministry for women. Feminine hygiene products are also a great need for us.


Cleaning Products

In our ministry cleanliness is next to godliness.  Laundry detergent, dish detergent, dishwasher pods, floor cleaner (Mr. Clean), etc. are a must.


Coffee, Please

A fresh cup of coffee in the morning starts our day of connecting.  We enjoy sipping coffee and sharing our lives.  

You can drop off items at 1010 Mary St., Waycross GA 31503; ship from Amazon to the same address or ship from another online source right to our door.   Of course you can donate through Paypal