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Recovery for Women

Girls Are Special

Women have special requirements for recovery.  They are as strong as men in their resilience for recovery, but they have different needs. Bethesda Recovery specializes in healing women with these needs. 

Many women in recovery have suffered from trauma.  Early childhood trauma often sets the stage for a life of destruction.  Bethesda Recovery understands the need for a safe place to heal from trauma.

Women often need help getting over the guilt and shame of their past.  They need instruction in forgiveness, acceptance and grief. 

Acceptance of loss is a great part of the healing process. 

At Bethesda Recovery classes and groups are designed to offer the skills needed for women to move forward in life, not dragging all the baggage of a disappointing past with them. 

Many women have not developed the love of self and the love of others. 

In a community of  support and unconditional positive regard (love) they soon learn to love themselves and others.

So many woman have never had successful relationships with other women.  Their past lifestyles have hindered trust. Rebuilding trust happens in positive environments of sharing.  Bethesda Recovery offers such an environment. 


The House


Family Style

Homecoming Annually

Christmas is the most celebrated time of the year at Bethesda Recovery.  As we recognize the birth of Jesus, we also recognize the new lives of those who have been apart of our home. Each year on the second weekend in December  we hold a weekend retreat for the women to return and celebrate the holiday with us. 

Results of the New Life

Women who has started their new life here have gone on to become successful business women, owning their own businesses; become bakers, chefs, educators, stay at home moms, medical office staff and many other careers.  They keep in touch with our Bethesda Recovery Facebook Page, Facetime, text, and Skype.

Change is Promoted

Lifestyle change begins with the small things of life.
Little by little, disciplines are developed by making small moment by moment choices.  Things like making your bed, getting up at the same time each day,  doing assignments on time, and finally making small achievable goals.

Goal Setting

Recovery encourages women to begin right away making short goals which are specific, measurable, achievable,  relevant, and timely.  Setting goals which can be completed build confidence and self esteem. 


  • When can I see my family?

Family visits are scheduled on the fifth Saturday after arrival.  Visits are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Women sign out for the day and are returned on or before the 6 p.m. curfew.

  • When can I use the phone?

Residents may use the phone on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The shared phone is available to all residents beginning the first weekend of their stay. 

We expect personal responsibility with phone calls and ask residents to limit calls to those who are know drug or alcohol users or who may be easily manipulated by the resident to break rules.  Residents soon learn who is safe to call.

  • Can I get mail?

Residents mail is distributed via inside mail receptacles. Residents love to get mail so the family members are encouraged to send cards and letters often.  Care packets may include the following: candy, personal hygiene products, beauty produces, clothing items, inspirational items, positive books and other special items.  (All packages will be inspected by director.)

  • How will I spend my free time.

Residents may use their spare time to be creative.  The creative barn is a great place to learn a new hobby.  Sewing, painting, pallet projects and other creative ideas.  Residents may spend free time in the above ground pool.  The pool is quite refreshing  in our south Georgia summer weather.  Residents may spend free time socializing with other residents, staff and volunteers.  Shopping an occasional pass time at Bethesda.  And of course, studying and mediation are encouraged. 


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Bethesda Recovery

Daily Groups


Monday through Friday our days are filled with opportunities to explore recovery from a personal perspective. 

Creative Outlets


Bethesda Recovery offers women the experience of creatively developing a hobby. 

Family Style Recovery


Family style recovery means eating meals together, having fun together, shopping together and growing together.

Church Attendance


Church attendance is just one way we learn to socialize.  Our Beloved Church is a recovery church for those in long term recovery.



Bethesda Recovery is constantly continuing to pursue educational opportunities and to pioneer innovative ways to help women



Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.