Recovery Christian View

Cathy Sweat, founder and director of Bethesda Recovery, explains the concept of addiction having both sides of the coin...sin and disease.


Biblical view of recovery

Started With Nehemiah

The biblical view  of recovery is exposed in the program at Bethesda Recovery. The Christian Biblical view of recovery Recovery christian view view of recovery is a vital part of the curriculum. The Book of Nehemiah is the basis for our GATES program.  Nehemiah volunteered to the citizens of Jerusalem rebuild the city walls and gates.  The people tried to restore their homes but without the safety of boundaries to protect them, they got nowhere fast. 

The GATES are correlated with life boundaries that need to be restored for people to live a productive life. 

The twelve gateways most effected by a negative lifestyle are reality, authority, truth, self, trust, empowerment, freedom, future, relationships, harvests, belonging and joy. 

The program takes individuals through action steps to restore these areas of life.  Practical tools are explored and developed from a Biblical prospective to assist the formation of a new lifestyle.

In addition to the Book of Nehemiah the 12Gates help individuals learn the journey of restoration through the eyes of the Israelies as they made their way through the desert from Egypt to Canaan.

The names of the 12 spies from the book of Exodus help the student understand the character traits needed for the new life and those which will not be allowed in the new lifestyle. 

Using the names of God, students find solace and inspiration as they learn more about God's character.  His names reflect his attributes. 

Alcoholism  as well as drug addiction are addressed in the 12 Gates

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The scriptures of Nehemiah, Exodus and  other Old Testament verses help to define the new lifestyle. 

The Grace of Jesus found in the New Testament is the transforming power needed for completion of the journey through recovery. 

Body Mind Spirit

Cathy Sweat explains Body, Mind, Spirit also covered in the Gates.